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Thoughtful Methodologies

Personalized learning is a student-centered methodology where curriculum, goals, instruction, and assessment are tailored to the individual learner.

CDS’s brand of personalized learning, facilitated by our expert faculty and very student-to-teacher ratios, encourage real-life skill building, self-knowledge, and student agency. Our teachers get to know our students as people — their strengths and weaknesses, their interests, and what motivates them to succeed — and are therefore able to better facilitate broad and deep learning. In addition, our methodologies are based on rigorous research and tried-and-true experience. As a result, CDS creates engaged students who have truly learned how to learn.

We believe and invest in ongoing professional development for our faculty and staff so we can continue to deliver and refine the robust premier preparation that is our hallmark.

At CDS, our commitment to personalization extends to our communication methods as well. Our faculty, for instance, use Seesaw to share real-time, interactive updates with parents in the form of both photos and videos of their children in action at school. Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio tool that you can access as an app easily and free of charge. Our older students are learning how to use Seesaw to help set goals, manage their project-based research, and build their own learning portfolios. Our parents enjoy and appreciate receiving in-the-moment glimpses of our premier prep in action.


21st Century Skills

Sometimes called “social and emotional skills,” “noncognitive traits and habits,” even “grit,” 21st century skills are the nonacademic but essential life skills not directly measured by standardized test scores or any traditional measure of achievement. At CDS, they include the following:

  • critical thinking
  • innovation
  • collaboration
  • communication
  • leadership
  • organization
  • time management
  • goal setting
  • self-advocacy
  • creativity

These are the skills that researchers consistently find are the “difference that makes a difference” in college and career readiness — and life in general. They are the essential qualities that separate students who are prepared for increasingly complex life and work environments in the 21st century from those who are not. CDS’s vision, in tandem with the amazing faculty who enact it every day, produce these highly-sought after, successful young people.

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