Our state-of-the-art MakerSpace enables CDS to blend student interests with high- and low-tech tools and fundamental and 21st century skills to grow academic and personal excellence. Within our lab, our students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade learn by doing. They ask questions, make connections, problem solve, flex their creative muscles, and develop new literacies — all of which enhance and build on our academic offerings. It’s a perfect extension of our classrooms and serves as a place where we can see, hear, and feel our school’s vision come to life. MakerSpace expands the breadth and depth of our program in ways no other complementary offering can.

We consider our MakerSpace not just a perk but a necessity. Research shows that young adults, as they attempt to gain entrance to our most prestigious universities and apply for jobs, need to demonstrate Maker abilities and 21st century skills learned in MakerSpaces. (The online applications for undergraduate admission into some of the world’s most elite universities include a field for applicants to upload their Maker work.)