Language Arts

CDS’s Language Arts program supports students in becoming effective learners and communicators. Beginning at 18 months, we prepare students with the communication skills, strategies, habits, and attitudes needed to be successful in both school and life.

Our Language Arts curriculum concentrates on six crucial aspects:

  • listening – understanding spoken language
  • speaking – communicating ideas through oral language
  • reading – understanding written language
  • writing – communicating through written language
  • viewing – understanding visual images and connecting them to accompanying spoken or written words
  • visual representation – presenting information through images, either alone or along with spoken or written words

At CDS, our highly personalized approach allows Language Arts teachers to look at both content and process
 — what students learn and how they learn.

| Start-to-Finish Language Arts

CDS’s premier start-to-finish education takes students on a journey through literature–from Margaret Wise Brown in Preschool to Mohandas Gandhi in Sixth Grade. Read more about this highly personalized curriculum.