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CDS Alumni

“I attended CDS for 10 years. When my classmates and I transitioned to middle schools, we found ourselves really prepared socially as well as academically. The transition was a breeze. I could move right into the curriculum. It was fast paced but I was prepared, and I was able to make friends really quickly.”
CDS alumna

We love to stay in touch with our CDS alumni. They make us proud and remind us of the impact that a CDS education has on every child we educate. Join our CDS Alumni Facebook page today to keep in touch with old and new CDS friends. Alumni are also encouraged to stay in touch by contacting the Development Office or completing the questionnaire below.

Here are some of the ways we connect with alumni throughout the year:

  • Alumni receive an annual invitation to the Sixth Grade musical and are invited to a pre-musical reception, where friends and former classmates reconnect.
  • Alumni and their families are invited to attend our annual Family Picnic.
  • Graduating high school seniors who are alumni of CDS are invited to an "Off to College" party in their honor each spring.
  • Alumni are often invited back to participate in Morning Gatherings and work with current CDS students on a number of activities.
  • Alumni parents stay involved at the school serving as volunteers and board members.

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