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Farm-to-Table Lunch Program

CDS is proud to offer an onsite farm-to-table lunch program from Chef Matt Kern and his company, The Man Behind the Food. Chef Matt and his staff use their years of varied experience to put good food in the Chesterfield Day School Dining room. The program focuses on providing students with nutritious, personalized, kid-friendly meals while using local producers in seasonal menus and recipes. Along with his talented staff, Matt is able to reinforce healthy eating habits and gardening ties through interactive cooking and gardening classes. This full circle approach to food and food education leave a lasting impression on students, and on the entire CDS community.

Specifications For Ordering

Students who prefer food from home or have specific diet or allergy needs may bring a packed lunch. Those who wish to purchase lunch may do so on an as-needed or annual plan basis. Please contact the Business Office for more information.

Allergies and School Meals

CDS recognizes that nut products can be life threatening to a number of community members, and so we are vigilant about their distribution.

No nut products or products containing nuts including nut oils are served or used as part of any school activity, whether on campus or off, including all extracurricular activities organized by CDS or other activity providers.

Students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade may include nut products in their lunches. A “nut free” table is provided in the dining room for those students whose lunches must be nut-free. Individual classes may impose greater controls and product limitations if safety requires.

All items sold in the school store are nut free and scrutinized for both nut content and production in a nut-free environment.

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