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Character Development

At CDS, we believe that — in addition to academic excellence — a person’s character is equally central to his or her success in secondary school and beyond. This emphasis is a cornerstone of our program. From the behavior modelling that occurs naturally in our mixed-aged Montessori classrooms to opportunities for our Sixth Graders to host the school's weekly morning gathering, CDS provides countless experiences to promote personal growth and development. The independence and continual feedback in our culture empowers our students and provides quality guidance. Admissions directors at the area’s top secondary schools repeatedly and regularly refer to CDS students as “great kids.”

As a community, we don't simply talk about a group of character traits, but practice living them and recognizing them in ourselves and others. No matter where you look at CDS, you will see these 7 traits in action.

Second Graders Petition to Launch Initiative Club

The CDS Difference at work: The following project was created and presented by CDS Second Graders on the character trait of initiative. Together they exemplified the trait by launching a brand new “CDS Initiative Club,” a group they proposed to “inspire the CDS Community to take initiative and make the school more awesome.” They even introduced a club cheer! Read their full, six-page proposal. Now that’s initiative!

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