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Standards Based Grading

Children learn differently and make progress at different rates. At CDS, we accommodate and encourage this in the form of a truly personalized education, and we believe the evaluation tool we use should match this level of individuality and personalization. Standards Based Grading (SBG) enables us to track and report progress using a highly personalized method that reflects student mastery of concepts and skills and focuses on the quality of work completed. Academic progression based on mastery and quality ensures that foundational work is in place for future success and enables progress at a pace that makes sense and inspires confidence and competence.

SBG provides teachers, students, and parents with an accurate 360-degree understanding of each child. This method allows for a breadth and depth of understanding not possible when using a traditional A through F grading scale. SBG is referred to as “assessment for learning” as opposed to the assessment of learning that is reflected when using an A-F scale. SBG offers meaningful, timely, and actionable feedback.

Research on SBG shows that the method motivates students and teachers alike to strive for excellence; helps students better understand the importance of quality; promotes a growth mindset that intelligence is not carved in stone but rather can be developed; increases students’ self-sufficiency; and prepares students for evaluation in the “real world” outside of school.

Area secondary schools have endorsed our new report card format and acknowledged the benefit such specific information provides about each student’s educational journey.

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