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Lunch Program

There are several different lunch options for CDS students.

  • Packed lunch
  • Catered lunch through Bistro Kids
  • Packed/catered lunch combination

Students of all ages are welcome to bring lunch from home. The only stipulation is packed lunches from home must follow CDS allergy policy guidelines.

CDS also offers a catered lunch option through Bistro Kids, a farm-to-table, organic food service provider.

By providing a catered lunch option while also allowing students to bring lunch from home, CDS offers flexibility for families who prefer food provided from home or have specific diet or allergy needs.

Our Business Office will invoice you for lunches purchased. (We can utilize ACH payments for this process if you would like.) You will be invoiced for lunches at the end of each month with payments due (via check, credit card or ACH) on the 15th of each month.

All homeroom teachers will tally hot lunch counts as part of morning attendance. Please let your child know that this will be part of their daily attendance routine.

CDS Allergy Policy

CDS recognizes that the presence of nut products in the environment can be life threatening to a number of community members, and thus must be limited. No nut products or products containing nuts including nut oils may be served or used as part of any school activity, whether on campus or off, including all extracurricular activities, whether organized by CDS or other activity providers. 

Students in grades K-6 may include nut products in their lunches. When there are allergic individuals, a "nut free" table is provided in the dining room for those whose lunches are nut free. Food at this table may never be exchanged by students. Individual classes may impose greater controls and product limitations if safety requires. See other specific class limitations below. 

All items sold in the school store will be nut free and scrutinized for both nut content and production in a nut-free environment. Items should be routinely checked as contents and manufacturing practices of a single product can vary over time.   

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