Head of School

To the CDS Family:

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to lead your school while we choose a permanent Head (please see this letter on the process from Shephali Wulff, the head of our search committee). It is an honor to be part of such a close and inspiring educational community. While I am here to help you decide on new leadership, I look forward to joining the day-to-day life of a school once again and getting to know each of you.

It is difficult to describe such a fine school, with its many years as West County’s premier independent elementary institution, but there is no one better to do this than our outgoing Head of School, Rachana Creeth. As a parent of three CDS students and now a member of the Board of Trustees, Rachana is uniquely qualified to talk about what makes CDS such a special place.

Dr. Keith Shahan, Interim Head of School

Rachana's words are below:

The sense of community at CDS is just one of the components of our culture that first attracted me to CDS in 2010. CDS's culture of empathy, joy, excellence, innovation, and tenacity remains incredibly strong and makes me proud to send my children here each day.

CDS provides a person­alized education of unparalleled excellence. Whether it is in the story a preschooler writes using the moveable alphabet, the first four-digit addition problem a Kindergarten student completes on her own, a Fourth Grader completing a difficult science test, or in a Fifth Grader achieving her personal best during a pacer test in PE, students are challenged to be their best selves every single day. Engaging students in this way encourages critical thinking and helps build independent, intelligent, responsible, and thoughtful individuals.

As I walk through the halls and speak to CDS students and faculty, I see joy and a feeling of true belonging. It is an environment where each student is supported and challenged in the right way at the right time, not based on a "one size fits all" curriculum.

“As I walk through the halls and speak to students and faculty, I see joy in all we do and a feeling of true belonging. Students here bound out of their cars each morning because they love coming to school to learn.”
Rachana Creeth, former Head of School and CDS Board Member

CDS's strong personalized curriculum builds a love of learning and yields impressive outcomes for its students both academically and personally. This can be seen in results the ERB, a nationally normed test that is administered to the nation’s most competitive students. CDS students consistently outperform their independent school peers nationally on this exam and move on to the most competitive secondary schools in St. Louis--more than 94% of them to their first school of choice.

On behalf of CDS students, faculty, and staff, I welcome you to our website and cordially invite you to visit our school. Come see our premier preparation in action, and feel the warmth of our community for yourself!


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