About CDS

“I love working at CDS because I get to share in the joy and laughter of children; watch them grow and witness the many 'light bulb' moments that occur all of the time; feed into the heart, mind, and soul of a child; and then be loved, encouraged, and fed in return!”

Laurianne Zink, Library

For more than 50 years, Chesterfield Day School has provided a personalized education of unparalleled excellence to students 18 months through Sixth Grade. Our premier Montessori program in our Toddler rooms through First Grade bridges to a strong and distinctive secondary school preparation program with personalized methodologies woven throughout. Our curriculum includes specials classes taught by experts, MakerSpace offerings beginning in Kindergarten, and a deep commitment to character education and development.

CDS’s robust start-to-finish education in both fundamental and 21st century skills produces exceptional students of remarkable character who attend the secondary schools of their choice and lead meaningful adult lives in careers and communities all over the world. On standardized tests, CDS students consistently outperform their independent school peers by a significant number of points in a large majority of categories. We offer rolling admissions throughout the year. Join us!

CDS sits on Business Journal's Table of Experts

Read what our Head of School Rachana Creeth had to say when she sat on the St. Louis Business Journal's Table of Experts in Early Education.

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